Erectile Dysfunction is a health condition in which a man loses interest in sex and this sexual health problem is also known as men impotency problem. Health experts suggest different ways to treat this problem. Some health consultants suggest going for proper medication while some suggest going for natural ways to treat this sexual health issue. By taking good care of your health you can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction problem. This health problem can be treated easily as there are numbers of medications are available that claim to treat this problem in a healthy way. Among all other medication, 100mg Viagra Generic pills are highly effective to get rid of this problem. It is also a safe medication to use that has zero side effects on health. However, there are several natural ways are also available that are also helpful to treat erectile dysfunction problem and you can avoid the use of drugs easily.


Erectile dysfunction problem directly related to our eating habits so be careful about your eating habits. Be strict about your eating habits and follow a well balanced and healthy diet plan. Avoid junk foods and go for a healthy and vegetable diet. Lack of nutrients in your diet also cause erectile dysfunction problem. Unhealthy food items can increase your cholesterol levels and increased cholesterol levels lead to a heart problem. Long term heart problems lead to impotency problem. So, be careful about what you eat.


Exercises are also helpful to get rid of erectile dysfunction problem. Exercises like jogging, running, swimming etc. do not only improve your health and also improve your stamina in various fields. Exercises also make you physically as well as mentally strong. To come out of depression exercises are really helpful. In addition to it be careful about medicines that you take. Taking a particular drug for a longer period of time also causes impotency problem in men. So, stay away from drugs as much as possible.

If a person suffering from impotency problem then he should talk about his problem to his physician because your physician is the right person who can guide you in the right way. Talk to your partner and go for proper treatment. One should also consult their physician before going for any treatment.